Happiness from Holland

As early as the Golden Age, the great masters were inspired by the beautiful light in the Netherlands.

Rembrandt, Frans Hals and of course Johannes Vermeer, known for the girl with a pearl earring, are painters who managed to capture this light in an inimitable way in their paintings.

The color of the Dutch sky is believed to have changed because, after land reclamation, the swamps and lakes had disappeared and light was no longer reflected in the sky. The mythical Dutch light would therefore only be seen in old paintings. Later studies showed that the light is caused by the water particles in the air, so that the light is spread much better and the light comes from all sides.

We will probably never know what the secret of the Dutch light is. However, this light and positive energy can be found in the Dutch culture. Dutch JoyBringer likes to be inspired by this Dutch phenomenon, which makes colors even more sparkling.

The yellow of the beaches. A golden strip along the west coast. Together with the brilliant blue of the sky on a sunny day is a pleasure for the eye.
The red of the roofs of picturesque villages or the orange that is reflected in the Amsterdam canals.
The purple of the heather and the green grass of vast pastures.  Where cows graze lazily. Where wild flowers add colorful details to the landscape.

That is the Holland of Dutch JoyBringer. The colors of Holland bring positive energy and happiness to those who need it. It is a bright spot in difficult times or a lasting unique cherished memory.

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